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Everyone feels lost, isolated, and alone when facing a criminal charge. You are no different. We are there around the clock to advocate for you – to stand with you – and guide you through this process, with strong reassurance that we will get through this, together. It is a team effort. And you need the lawyers at Cohen Todd on your Criminal Defense Team.

You’ll have our personal cell phones and can contact us at any time necessary. Few lawyers are that hands-on.

We are a division of Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford, LLC, a firm established in 1894. Cohen Todd is one of the oldest law firms in Cincinnati. Our clients each benefit from the support of the entire firm.

  • John L. O’Shea has over 30 years of courtroom experience, first as an assistant prosecutor in the criminal trial divisions of the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. Appointed by the Ohio Attorney General as a Special Prosecutor to the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission. John brought that experience to Cohen Todd in 1994.
  • Jesse E. Knowlden served as a fellow with the Ohio Innocence Project, where he worked on post-conviction matters for people convicted of crimes they did not commit. Jesse now protects our clients who have been charged with crimes by utilizing that invaluable experience to protect those accused of crimes by their government.
  • Michael R. Cook came to Cohen Todd after serving as a municipal assistant law director and prosecutor. He uses that experience to protect our clients accused of crimes. He knows how prosecutors think and uses that insight in defending our clients from their government. You will see that when you meet him.
  • Nicolas A. Zuccarelli joined Cohen Todd after graduating first in his law school class.  Nick is invaluable because of his ability to figure out complex cases by diving deep and finding that single needle sometimes purposely hidden in the haystacks of case material.

Contact us to set up an appointment to learn more about how we can get you through a criminal charge, step by step. Call us at 513-333-5297 (LAWS) or use our online contact form.

Cohen Todd Criminal Defense

We use our experience to find a solution for you. Our goal is to get you the most favorable outcome possible based on your unique situation.

No matter the circumstance, we will protect you in:

  • Criminal defense: From serious charges, with permanent consequences, to minor offenses like traffic tickets, we’ve defended it all.
  • Self-defense cases: We are there to defend you when you have been charged after simply defending yourself.
  • Drug offenses: The government is cracking down on these offenses and sending people to long prison terms. It is ignoring the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. You need a lawyer to protect you from these constant unconstitutional intrusions on your rights. And we’ll explain to the Judge how your rights have been violated.
  • White collar crime: These charges can impact your reputation, your career, your future, and your freedom. The government is focusing on this area like never before. And the punishments are extreme. We protect you from that.
  • DUI/OVI: Being charged with DUI/OVI (drunk driving) can have long lasting, unexpected consequences. But we can protect you from that. Call 513-333-5297 (LAWS) when you see the blue lights in your rear view mirror.

We will do whatever is necessary to minimize the impact of this on your life.

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Our team of attorneys have a deep understanding of the risks and impacts a criminal charge can have. We know that efficiency and effectiveness are key when it comes to criminal defense. Contact us today and we can get started working on your behalf. Use our fast, convenient online contact form or call 513-333-5297 (LAWS) to set up a free initial consultation with a skilled criminal defense lawyer.